Welcome to NI Furs! Here you’ll be able to find news and information on any upcoming events for the Belfast and Northern Irish furry community.

We always look forward to seeing new faces at the next event and we’re always happy to welcome new members into our community; all events are open to everyone over 18.

Furmeets happen about once a month, where likeminded individuals have the opportunity to get together and enjoy the furry fandom.

You can find information on any of the upcoming events through our calendar as well as any updates and other relevant news in the sections below.

Landed here and you're not sure what furry is? Find out here! Want to get in touch? You can drop us a line via twitter or through email! We also have a group chat on telegram as well as forums provided by UKFur.

Latest News

Fetched from the NI Furs twitter feed. Any news, or important last minute details and changes to events can be found here!


You can sync this calendar with your phone or other devices, so that you can easily keep track of any upcoming events. If you'd like to have an event added to the calendar then you can get in contact via email or twitter.